Simply the Best

Lío Mallorca becomes the home to the most emblematic shows that have taken place through Lío’s history in Ibiza. “Simply the Best” will make you enjoy both our best performances ever and some extraordinary acts performed for the very first time.  

An unforgettable night out awaits you with the scene set for you to enjoy a spectacular, sassy and sexy modern cabaret show that will deeply captivate your senses. 

Our renowned way of entertainment

Be part of an unforgettable evening and a captivating atmosphere in which not only singers, dancers, acrobats and international artists delight the clientele but the wait staff also perform vignettes, creating a new form of interaction that ensures a captivating atmosphere where ultimately everyone gets up to dance. 

Are you ready for Lío? 

Meet the cast

Our team is made up of some of the world’s most talented singers, dancers and acrobats.